Katrina Quinn, DVM


Dr. Quinn’s decision to become a veterinarian evolved from a lifelong interest in science and nature. With her strong inclination toward the role of caregiver and a passion for animals, veterinary medicine was the perfect fit. She attended the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine, where she received a thorough introduction to feline medicine from feline specialist Dr. Sharon Grace.  Dr. Grace is good friends and co-author with Dr. Gary Norsworthy, an important mentor for Dr. Lavallee. This connection allowed Dr. Quinn to spend several weeks training with Dr. Norsworthy at his clinic in San Antonio. Through this shared mentor, she received invaluable clinical training and found a fellow feline enthusiast in Dr. Lavallee. Dr. Quinn is delighted to be joining the staff at Cat Specialist and to contribute her skills to their important improvements in the field of feline medicine.

Dr. Quinn is a Colorado native and is originally from Colorado Springs. She was raised in an Air Force family and has lived in several states as well as overseas. Her interests include theatre, reading, crafts, and cooking. She is also a sailing enthusiast and once spent two weeks learning historical sailing techniques onboard the Lady Washington, which featured prominently in the movie The Pirates of the Caribbean. She is deeply devoted to her four cats: Moochie, Monster, Monkey, and Mittens, as well as one dog, Jimmy, who was one of her first patients in vet school.

Dr. Katrina Quinn, DVM