“THOROUGH–if I had to use one word it would be that. Every aspect of the experience was communicated and carried out in a thorough, professional and downright friendly way. I had a cat who needed the Iodine treatment years back, and thought I knew the scoop—but I learned several things I had no idea of through the thorough education process at Cat Specialist. Thank you for working to accommodate my crazy schedule, too! ”
– Jill DeLage

“I found the staff very friendly and helpful. My cat was well treated. Dr. Olson’s information and presentation on hyperthyroidism in cats was very informative. I got a call every day from Dr. Lavallee on my cat’s condition. Even though I live some distance away from Castle Rock and there are now vets closer to me that treat this disease in cats, I picked them since they are one of the original vets in the area treating hyperthyroidism and have a lot of experience. They also only treat cats and I felt my cat would be more comfortable in that environment. Thanks to everyone! I would definitely recommend the Cat Specialist.”
– Barbara Setzer

“I took my cat in for a radio-iodine treatment and the Cat Specialist was terrific! They clearly explained the entire process and called with daily updates, which was a nice touch. I knew my cat was in good hands as it was easy to tell the entire staff were “cat” people, I would certainly use their services in the future. Great job! ”
– Jill Bedore

“We were very happy with the treatment Shadow received at the Cat Specialist. We felt that the doctors and nurses were well informed, and their specialized treatment, while done “routinely” for them, was individualized for each cat. Most importantly, we felt that we were leaving Shadow in good hands and that she would be well cared for . . . and she was.”
– Debbie Mills

“We were very happy with the information we received prior to and during our appointment for our cat’s radioactive iodine therapy for hyperthyroidism. All of our questions were answered, and Dr. Olson was very helpful explaining about this disease and how it affects cats.”
– Karen Martiny

“Same great treatment that Jersey’s sister received almost a year ago. Very thorough briefing as what was going to take place. Wonderful follow up on communications every morning as to how Jersey was doing, his eating habits, and his shyness. He’s not happy about not having any “chest time” for a while (that’s his favorite spot), but he’ll be better off for it in the long run and will be back to his rightful spot soon.”
– Bill Aceves

“They are very informative about the iodine radiation treatment. They make you feel very welcome and take great care of your cat.”
– Anonymous

“We have been very fortunate to be referred to Cat Specialist Veterinary. They have provided an opportunity to cure our cat’s hyperthyroidism. Their facility is immaculate and their staff is excellent. After meeting and talking with Dr. Jennifer Lavallee we knew our kitty was in good hands and would receive the best care available. We are confident that she will have the best outcome possible. Thank you Dr. Lavallee and Cat Specialist Veterinary.”
– Ethel and Jack Garcia

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