Modern surgical protocols, whether they incorporate traditional or laser technology, have revolutionized the surgical care of cats. Our doctors are trained in a wide variety of surgical procedures including intestinal surgery, bladder and urogenital surgery, oral, nasal, and ear surgeries, eyelid procedures, amputations, abscess management, tumor removal or biopsy, and many more. State of the art exploratory surgeries, combined with multiple biopsy samples, give greater hope of an accurate diagnosis and the development of a successful treatment plan. Safe anesthetic protocols can decrease the amount of time in surgery. The less time in surgery, the better the outcome. Modern pain control is a part of every procedure at Cat Specialist, resulting in faster recovery and happier patients. We work hard to make sure our patients are warm and cozy before, during and after surgery. Our goal is to see that your cat gets the best surgical care AND the best post-surgical follow-up possible.

CO2 Surgical Laser

Cat Specialist has provided laser surgery since 1999 – one of the first to use the laser for surgery and we have a new laser unit as of 2015. The surgical laser is used to cut, but unlike a scalpel blade, it cauterizes blood vessels and seals nerve endings which results in less bleeding and less pain! For many surgical procedures it provides amazing results with increased speed to shorten surgery times and anesthesia. There are some surgical procedures that could not be done without this technology. There are certain types of surgery where the laser is unsuited and a traditional scalpel is used. The doctors at Cat Specialist use the best choice for your cat – ‘not one size fits all.’

Post-Operative Recovery and Healing

  • Some cats go home the day of surgery and some stay post-operatively for monitoring, treatment, and rest. In either case, we are here to help make sure they get back on their paws, feeling good, as soon as possible.
  • We also give careful thought to use “cat friendly” suture types to help make recovery comfortable and quick! Certain types of suture can be uncomfortable and make cats pull, chew, and bother at them – we avoid these.
  • Should a recovery collar be necessary post-operatively, we have soft e-collars that are less offensive to the cat.
  • With any surgical/dental procedure done at Cat Specialist we recommend Class IV therapy laser (a different type of laser) to decrease post-surgical pain and swelling. The Class IV therapy laser, when combined with other therapies, has revolutionized treatment and recovery in many of the very chronic diseases. Class IV laser technology has been called “the acupuncture therapy of the new millennium but 10 times better.”

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