Feline Grooming

Help your cat look and feel great.

We Help Cats Look Their Best!

Feline grooming offers important health and hygiene benefits for your cat, helping your cat look as good on the outside as he feels on the inside. Our Colorado cat grooming specialist offers everything from a simple brush out to a deluxe show-quality bath or a gorgeous, full body “lion” clip. We also offer quick touch-ups for cats that are in-between cuts, or a fast shave for difficult areas such as problematic armpits or the area under the tail. Many senior cats who can’t reach these areas benefit tremendously from this service.

We Offer Popular Grooming Styles for Cats

Long haired cats, especially, benefit significantly from regular grooming appointments, just as dogs do. Cats self-groom, but in some short haired cats and almost all long haired cats, this action rolls the hair, a common cause of matting. Once a solid mat has formed, the cat’s skin is pulled up into the base of the mat, making kitty very uncomfortable. Furthermore, it is dangerous to try to clip out such mats at home with a scissors because of risk of lacerating the skin. Our professional cat groomer can help! Regular grooming also helps prevent your clothing, furniture and house from becoming covered in cat hair.

Matted fur also occurs when cats become greasy and shed hair. While this is a natural process, without regular grooming, this hair will become mixed with grease, dirt and debris, forming tangles and eventually a dirty, matted layer. Our cat groomer in Colorado understands that bathing most cats is no easy task. Cats frequently become upset or agitated around water. They may hiss or claw at their owners if owners attempt to bathe a cat at home. A Colorado cat grooming specialist like our professional cat groomer will help you avoid these problems, using a compassionate, gentle touch that helps your cat relax. Feline grooming with our Colorado cat grooming specialist is a stress-free process! And there is not a single dog in the building to be seen, heard, or smelled. Our guests listen to MUSIC, not barking dogs!

In addition to bathing cats, our cat groomer offers many popular grooming styles for cats:

  • Lion Clip: This style features a mane around the neck cascading down to the chest, depending on your cat’s hair length, along with booties to your liking.
  • Full Body Clip: Nothing left to the imagination! It’s all gone.
  • Ventral Clip: An “underbody” job. Those armpits, the tummy, the crotch, everything that is so hard to keep clean. Popular for long-haired cats who go outdoors.

After a grooming session with our cat groomer, your feline will look and feel like the cat’s meow! To learn more about feline grooming or to schedule an appointment, contact our cat groomer in Colorado at (303) 663-2287.

The Importance of Nail Trims

Cat’s nail continuous grow, like ours. Because a cat’s nails are curved, continued growth can curl around and the nail can puncture its own pad – causing pain, bleeding, and possibly infection. In the wild, nails are worn down by scratching and walking on rough surface. But in the comforts of home, nails may not be worn down enough, so periodic nail trims are necessary.

There are a three populations of cats at highest risk for nail overgrowth and pad punctures:

  • Older cats: nail become thicker and more brittle with age, and these cats tend to be less active, so nails wear down less
  • Cats with arthritis or orthopedic problems: again, these kitties are not as active
  • Polydactyl cats (cats with extra toes): these extra “thumbs” often have nails associated on non-weight-bearing surfaces, so they don’t get worn down
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