Senior Well Care Visits: What to Expect

Senior Well Care Visits: What to Expect

Physical Examination: A thorough review of eyes, nose, throat, weight gain or loss, quality of haircoat, heart, lungs, abdomen, and personality are assessed. ‘Healthy’ senior cats need physical exam and laboratory screening twice a year.  One human year is more than four years to your cat!


Body Score: a rating system that evaluates your cat’s lean to fat ratio to bod weight.  Weight management will be essential in the coming years!  We control how much and what our cats eat, so a balanced diet is the key.


Diet Review: What is your cat’s ideal weight?  Switching diets to prescription diets taht have lower high quality protein and low phosphorus (Hill’s k/d, Purina’s NF, & Royal Canin’s Modified) have been shown to extend a cat’s life up to five years longer.  That is a significant change worth looking at.  Now we can feed these foods that enhance your cat’s quality of life . . much longer!


Dental Score:


Arthritis and Pain:


Parasite Screening and Control:




Advanced Diagnostics and Treatments:




Litterbox Etiquette:


Playing with Your Cat:



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