Admission Guidelines Checklist

Guidelines for Admission: QUICK CHECKLIST

_____ Physical examination ideally within 30 days (and not longer than 90 days before treatment) Note: the size and side (R/L) of palpable thyroid nodules

any cardiac murmurs and heart rate thorough palpation of the abdominal cavity body weight and body condition score
and any abnormal findings

______ Current within 90 days pre-admission – we need this the week prior to treatment:

  •   CBC
  •   Blood Chemistry
    o at least ALT, ALP, BUN, Creatinine, Phosphorous
    o SDMA is nice, but not necessary – most helpful to know renal status
  •   Total T4 (this is key to calculating the I-131 dose)
    o Total T4 results >8, >10, >24, etc. should be run to a dilution to get an actual # o No oral methimazole for 1 week prior to this blood draw
    o No transdermal methimazole for 3 weeks prior to this blood draw
    o If on y/d, mix with regular diet for 3 weeks prior to this blood draw
  •   Full Urinalysis

o Specific Gravity measured by refractometer, not dipstick. Otherwise, use

Reference Lab add-on urinalysis.
o UTI’s and specific gravity are important to note.

 Blood pressure is recommended (but not required) For All Referred I-131 Patients

_______ If methimazole is resumed before treatment, it must be stopped again before I-131 treatment: oral methimazole stopped for 1 week, transdermal methimazole or y/d stopped for 3 weeks – unless the cat has a T4 > 15 and could be compromised off medication – please call to discuss particulars.

_______ Advise us if the patient has had any iodine compound (even betadine skin scrub) or holistic medications (such as kelp) within the last six months. Note – some diets now contain kelp. Ideally, kelp containing diets should be discontinued 1-2 weeks before I-131 treatment.

_______ We do not routinely require thoracic radiographs or echocardiograms pre-iodine treatment, but they certainly can be performed, if indicated. Please call to consult with questions.

Note: If you have a borderline case, please call to discuss how to perform a T3 suppression test

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