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Welcome to Cat Specialist

Cat Specialist is a family owned and operated veterinary clinic that has been serving Castle Rock and the surrounding area since 1999. Cat Specialist was founded by Dr. James Olson and his wife Lisa Baker. A third-generation veterinarian, James Olson, DVM, DABVP is Colorado’s only Board Certified Feline Veterinarian in the state of Colorado. In 2014, Cat Specialist was sold to Dr. Jennifer Lavallee (Dr. Olson’s daughter, a 4th generation veterinarian who is working on her board certification) and husband Chris Lavallee. Together, they operate the clinic – and you may see their son, Cody, supervising the clinic cats!

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Welcome to Cat Specialist

About Us

Our goal at Cat Specialist is to offer the very best in veterinary care to our patients by combining cutting edge knowledge with compassionate communication and options. We foster continuing education for our veterinarians, our technicians, and our receptionists. When you speak with our staff you will feel our passion for taking care of kitties! The father-daughter duo have been collaborating for 30+ years, as Dr. Lavallee worked alongside her dad her entire childhood. Most recently, they co-wrote a chapter in the textbook Laser Therapy in Veterinary Medicine: Photobiomodulation about the use of therapy laser in cats. Dr. Lavallee seems to have inherited her father’s passion for learning, writing, and building life-long relationships with clients. Dr. Lavallee has lectured at a national veterinary conference alongside world renowned feline veterinary specialist, Dr. Gary Norsworthy, on the topics of cat small bowel disease and vomiting, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, pancreatitis, and pearls from feline practice. Most recently, Dr. Lavallee wrote 16 chapters in the textbook The Feline Patient, 5th edition. We have recently welcomed Dr. Andrea Zikovitz to our team! Dr. Zikovitz is internship trained with years of experience as an emergency doctor. She has mastered the art of managing sick cats and this is inspired her to work on the preventative medicine side of things as well!

Colorado's only board certified feline practitioner, James Olson, DVM, D,ABVP (Feline) founded Cat Specialist

Our doctors have written over 20 chapters and a dozen publications in peer-reviewed journals

We are 'State of the HEART'


Although we’re proud of our doctor’s accomplishments, their best skills are their ability to listen, problem solve, and come up with options that work for the kitty and their family. We know that medicine is not one-size-fits-all. Having the knowledge about feline diseases is the basis for good care, but having the creativity to figure out how to effectively treat each individual patient is why clients keep coming back to us for long term care.

Our patients and their owners deserve to have the very best care when they walk through our doors. The field of veterinary medicine is becoming inundated with specialists, referrals, and ultimately an inability to see the full picture. We’re different. Cat Specialist is a one-stop clinic with veterinarians who treat the whole cat – and only cats.

Our clients often say that they find comfort in knowing that they can schedule an appointment with us and know they will get, not only an answer to their concerns, but also the best treatment for their furry family member. We want cats and owners to be comfortable in our office. There is nothing worse than going to the doctor and not being heard. We value the needs of our clients, so let us know what your concerns are – and we will take the time to discuss them. You know your kitty best and when we work together, that is when really good treatments happen!

Our appointment times (30-45 minutes per appointment) are longer than other veterinary clinics (15-20 minutes per appointment), so we will take the time to discuss, examine, and devise a treatment plan with you. When you walk through our doors, you’ll appreciate our family-friendly environment and compassion we all have for animals.


Radioactive Iodine

We have cured over 2,500 cats of feline hyperthyroidism since 1999 – more than any other private practice in Colorado!

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Regenerative Medicine / Stem Cell Therapy

Regenerative Medicine / Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Lavallee was the first doctor to treat a chronic non-healing corneal sequestrum with regenerative medicine in a cat — and the treatment was a success!

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