26Did you know that cat health insurance is available? There are many different companies out there. We are certainly NOT insurance sales people, but we do like to help keep our clients informed and give feedback on our experiences.

Just like human insurance, pet insurance will not cover pre-existing conditions. Therefore, it is ideal to sign up a young healthy pet. Signing up after a major diagnosis will not be of much help, for that particular condition at least.

Trupanion Pet Insurance - Castle Rock, CO

We have seen clients with several different policies from different companies and based on that experience, we recommend TruPanion.

They have one policy that is for accident and illness coverage only. Pets over 8 weeks of age and under 14 years of age can be enrolled, however coverage is for the lifetime of the cat. We can gift 30 days of coverage after a pet has had a physical exam – please ask us about this!

For more information, please go to the website at: www.TruPanion.com or call them at 855-591-3100

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Pet Insurance - Cat Specialist - Castle Rock, CO