Digital Ultrasound and Digital Radiography are powerful diagnostic tools at Cat Specialist. Diagnostic Radiology and Ultrasonography allow us to view internal organs and the skeletal system. Cat Specialist uses the most advanced and safest DR (Digital Radiology) system housed in a lead lined suite. Safety for your cat and our staff is why the attention to detail is so important.

Cat Specialist - Digital Ultrasound - Digital RadiographyCat Specialist - Digital UltrasoundCat Specialist - Digital Radiography

Adding Digital Ultrasonography allows our doctors to look inside internal organs to define health and disease. A special type of Ultrasonography looks at the heart and is called an Echocardiogram. Extensive continuing education by our doctors, lets us use the most advanced diagnostic protocols to diagnose and treat your cat.

Digital Ultrasound - Cat Specialist - Castle Rock, CODigital Radiography - Cat Specialist - Castle Rock, CO
Castle Rock, CO - Digital Ultrasound - Digital Radiography