Was Your Kitten Taken Away From Its Mother Too Soon?

A tiny kitten showing up on your doorstep can be hard to resist, especially when it appears to be in need of a good home. Many people will scoop it up, making him or her part of their family. Although stray kittens are safe most of the time, there are times when they have been taken away from their mother too soon.

Here are some common signs that your kitten may not have been with their mother long enough.

Prone to Illness. Kittens that have not been with their mother long enough are more prone to illness. Mothers provide their kittens with antibodies through their milk that will help keep them healthy throughout their life. Kittens are healthier if they nurse from their mother until they are at least eight weeks old.

Behavior. Kittens that do not receive the nutrition that they need will act out in anger. This will typically happen when they are young and are still longing for their mother.

Every pet goes through an adjustment phase between leaving their mother and being introduced to new owners. If the animal was taken from their mother too early, the adjustment phase will be a lot more difficult.

Not sure how to act. During the time with their mother, kittens are taught basic life skills. If they don’t have enough time with their mother, they are missing out on these basic lessons and may not behave correctly.

Although kittens are cute and it is hard to resist picking them up and taking them home, make sure that you allow them to stay with their mother a full eight weeks so that they can be healthy and playful for the rest of their long life.