Four Tips to Make A Vet Visit Less Stressful For Your Cat

Taking your cat to the veterinarian is no easy task. Even the most easy-going cat can stress out by being in the car and our hospital. It would be a lot easier if cats knew that we were just trying to help them. Instead, they are just scared.

A recent survey stated that two-thirds of cat owners do not take their cat to the vet more than once per year. We understand why, but just because cats can be more difficult, does not mean their health should be neglected.

Here are some tips to make going to the vet less stressful for your cat.

Regular Checkups. Does this mean you need to bring your cat to the vet monthly? No. What it means is that you should do little routine checkups at home. This will allow you to see if there are any alarming changes happening to your cat and also get him or her used to someone examining their body. Handling your cat regularly at home will make the examination at the vet go much smoother.

Stay Calm. Did you know that animals can tell if you are happy, stressed out, or sad? They typically pick up on your feelings and end up responding the same way! If you are stressed out and tense, it will put your pet’s emotions on edge too. Stay calm, and your cat has a much higher chance of staying calm as well!

The Drive. The drive to the veterinary clinic can be the worst part! Most cats simply do not like being in the car. To help with the anxiety, make sure that your cat’s trips in the car are not limited to just going to the veterinarian’s office. Bring your cat with you occasionally when you are out for a drive so he or she can acclimate to riding in the car, making the trip that much smoother.

Use a Carrier. When cats enter the vet’s office, they see new dogs, other cats, and unfamiliar faces; often sending them into a frenzy. Using a comfortable, good-sized carrier with a blanket that smells like home will allow your cat to feel safe in his or her space.

Taking your cat to the veterinarian can be stressful, not only for you but them as well. Follow these four easy steps, and your cat will be a lot happier and less stressed out the next time you need to visit.