Lacocoon Samuel Adams - Our Cats - Cat Specialist - Castle Rock, ColoradoLacocoon Samuel Adams
Our handsome Maine Coon Cat “Sam” was bred by Jean Lacroix of Lacolle, Quebec, Canada. He studied for his position under our Director, “Solkatz Red Hook” for 3 years prior to being promoted to Kitty Manager. Sam is ready, willing and able to demonstrate a Catnip Cigar or a Kitty Angler when you come in: toys are his specialty! He’s currently interviewing kittens for an assistant’s position . . . Please come in and meet him, he is large and in charge!

Clancy - Our Cats - Cat Specialist - Castle Rock, ColoradoClancy
In 2016, we welcomed our newest clinic cat to the practice – Clancy! Cat Specialist formally adopted this gorgeous redhead from Happy Cats Haven in Colorado Springs. Clancy has quickly taken to the job of official greeter: he is most often found right up front on the counter, ready to say hello to clients with gentle nudges and loving head-butts. If he’s not already right there, the sound of the front door opening will bring him running – Clancy loves people and always wants to be where the action is! He also sleeps strategically in the cat bed on the front desk, so he doesn’t miss a thing. It is estimated that he was born in 2014, but he is still a kitten in many ways; he often helps us as a “tester” of the cat toys we have here in retail. Stop in and meet Clancy!

Solkatz Red Hook - Our Cats - Cat Specialist - Castle Rock, ColoradoSolkatz Red Hook
Director of Operations at Cat Specialist for 17 years, Red Hook finally had to leave us for kitty heaven in March. He did his best to make sure Sam Adams learned his job. He hugged and greeted clients right up until his last week with us, refusing to take a day off. Red Hook had no catitude. He liked every cat and every human who ever came into his building. He was especially fond of kittens, and became a role model to more of them that we could keep track of. Red Hook had a fan club that would shame a movie star, and he still does. Grand Premier Solkatz Red Hook was a once in a lifetime cat. He was laid to rest in peace on a quiet, sun-kissed hillside at the edge of the woods at Dr. Olson’s home. His memory will be with us forever.

Billy - Our Cats - Cat Specialist - Castle Rock, ColoradoBilly
Sadly, we must report that Billy’s career at Cat Specialist ended on July 21, 2014. He is without doubt greeting everyone in heaven now, purring and head-butting like always. Billy shared four wonderful years with us. He never met a stranger. His outpouring of love was boundless! He was quite possibly the sweetest cat that ever walked the earth. We were so very fortunate that he loved his “retirement job” at Cat Specialist! We will remember him fondly, because to know him was to love him.

We Treat your kitty like our own!

We do everything we can to help make a visit to the vet clinic as easy as possible. Here’s a few photos of patients during their visits!

Cat Specialist - Castle Rock, Colorado
We keep cardboard boxes around – because you know how much kitties love them, and sometimes they are the perfect place to hunker.

Cat Specialist - Castle Rock, CO
We try to make cozy cat beds to snuggle in.

Castle Rock, CO - Cat Specialist
And you can rest on top of your carrier if that’s where you feel best!